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supporter is said she has traded early dance to mitt romney. there has been a lot of excitement building around the candid its visiting maryland. lowell melser is outside. what is the reaction of people while waiting in line? >> lot of people are just excited to see governor romney. we counted at least several hundred supporters that came out here to see governor mitt romney, proving that this particular area and maryland may have been a great idea. on the streets of arbutus, you would never know what presidential hopeful was coming to town, but for mitt romney supporters, they are pretty excited. >> i think is the wonderful. >> political history shows that gop presidential candidates rarely campaign in maryland because of a strong, democratic roots. romney is making an appearance in arbutus, hoping to show that he deserves the state's 37 delegates. >> my husband is on the fence about it. he thinks i should just dick with obama. i just need to see another side. >> the line wrapped around the building. most to came out to sea the town hall style meeting already had strong beliefs about po
romney and rick santorum crisscross the state rally for votes. >> were on the took all 20 delegates in order rego buried would go live to washington for a look at how the illinois race is shaping up. >> the latest polling gives mitt romney the lead, but it is a lot closer than expected. >> the fight is on in illinois, and it is essentially a two-man race. >> i need your help. i want to make sure i can become your nominee. >> mitt romney met with voters in springfield. he kept his attack its aim at president obama. >> he has put us deeper in debt, slowed the recovery, and harmed the economy. >> rick santorum hosted rallies and dixon and rockford. >> this could be an amazing time in history. right here in illinois, you can assure that in and surprise the pundits. >> he supported the wall street bailout. >> the romney camp has a new video out highlighting santorum's support for romney in 2008. >> if you want a conservative as the nominee of this party, you must vote for mitt romney. >> polls give romney the edge but put santorum within striking distance. >> a mitt romney win here will
. >> advocates say neither proposal goes far enough. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitt romney will be in maryland tomorrow. he will be going to a town hall meeting, and loss of -- lots of folks are excited about his visit. >> on main street, gov. mitt romney's visit tomorrow was the top of the town. >> he is the right man for the right job. >> this is a republican town, so he will be well received. >> a lot of people will be out here to watch him. >> i have to stay, it is the center of the political universe are election-year. >> gov. bob ehrlich is from your. he was out of town today, but told me on the phone at the visit is a good thing for his home town. >> he is someone that wants to get to know, i think people will like him. >> over at the american legion hall, they were setting up for tomorrow's town hall meeting. >> we are always happy. for us, that is what it is. >> what do you think of governor romney? >> well, i like him. put it that way. >> some are excited about the visit. >> that is a good thing that. that will be real nice. >> what do you think? >> i think that i
on victories there. mitt romney has already moved on to missouri, which holds its caucus on saturday. >> we will cut federal spending and finally balance our budget. >> vix and form hopes to boost his status as the alternative to romney and push gingrich out of the race. >> we want to make sure that we had a candidate go up against president obama. >> at stake -- the delegates in atlanta where polls show a dead heat between romney, gingrich, and santorum. ron paul has been -- has not actively campaigned in either state. and that if mitt romney wins in alabama or mississippi where, as he himself says, this is an away game for him, he looks a lot stronger among the republican base than he has so far. >> political observers say it could be a game changer. and if he says he can win in the deep south and's can be a strong general election candidate against president obama -- we do not know. anything can happen. >> hawaii and american samoa also vote today. delegates will be awarded proportionally in all four contests. in a national survey shows a statistical tie between the president and either
this year. >> thank you. one day after super tuesday, the fight is not over. mitt romney hopes to build on his momentum after squeaking out a win in ohio and five other states. a rick santorum supporter is calling on the newt gingrich to get out of the race. >> mitt romney took a break from the trail today, but he insists he will be the last man standing in the republican race. >> fresh off of six super tuesday victories, including a narrowed nail biter in ohio, mitt romney says he's prepared to fight all the way to the convention. >> we think it will get them before the convention. >> his delegate lead makes it difficult for his opponents to catch him. some strategists say he has more convincing to do. >> he is not winning among hard- core conservatives and he's now running well and the south. we're going to go into a bunch of southern primaries in the next couple of weeks. >> those include states where newt gingrich hopes to mount a comeback. >> i believe alabama has a major role to play in setting the stage for the presidential nomination. >> his campaign says it is a bust went. >> h
candidates are heating up maryland fall on the campaign trail. a few days ago, mitt romney made a campaign stop. it has been reported that newt gingrich may visit annapolis on tuesday. it was reported that ron paul may host a town home at the university of maryland. instead of to date on our website and clicking on politics. >> than kyou. voters in louisiana had to the polls today. while the race may not be in game changer. all the candidates are hoping for momentum going into april. >> louisiana. it is a ground 0 today in the presidential primary race. as voters headed to the polls, rick santorum and newt gingrich fighting to stop mitt romney from extending his delegate lead. newt gingrich has been hammering away at president obama's energy policy. >> the obama solution is a walk for the decade and the -- car will be ready. >> after beginning his day in pennsylvania, the former senator was off to fight for wisconsin. >> we have the energy, the enthusiasm. we are going to continue and work hard here. >> romney's campaigning was hoping for a respectable showing in louisiana, a ch
tonight commitment 2012 update. >> a new poll shows mitt romney with a slight advantage in washington, the last day to the before super tuesday. mitt romney was greeted with cheers and chants of the washington round pally. >> there will be a bunch of states that will make their mind up in a few days, but you guys are first. your boys will be heard. >> the former governor as 37% among likely republican caucus goers. if you point it back is rick santorum. >> we keep coming back to washington because we expected a really well here. >> ohio was one of the 10 states of voting super tuesday. >> ohio is always the biggest prize, no matter what election. you are the center of everything. >> santorum is staking his claim on the buckeye state. the latest polls are showing a very tight race. >> the polls are very volatile. romney needs to do well, but it rick santorum can win ohio with a strong performance in southern states, he will keep going. >> also hoping to do well in the south is newt gingrich ending of his time in his home state of georgia. >> i think we need dramatic change and i think
. -- and cashiers. visit our web site code for more information. mitt romney is stumping in puerto rico. rick santorum stirred controversy about comments over english being the primary language in the nation. peter alexander has an update. >> people here cannot vote in americas a general election but they will have a say in selecting the republican nominee. romney with voters. last night, he was here for a rally that was more of a carnival than it was a political event. a long list of speakers, almost all the speaking in spanish. there was music, dancing, energy and passion. romney told the people you respect them and cares for them as americans. his arrival rick santorum who is in missouri caused controversy before you left the island earlier in the week. he said if puerto rico was to become the 51st state in america, that english become the primary language. that upset some of his supporters as well as some of the voters here. he tried to backpedal and do damage control, saying english would be a preferred language but not the official language. we understand that the people of differ
ahead on 11 news at 6:00, two days away from super tuesday and romney picks up another endorsement. will the nominee finally b >> president obama focused on a familiar topic at a pro-israel conference today. he hopes diplomacy backed by pressure will keep iran from producing a nuclear weapon. he also assured israel of his commitment to the country's security. it in commitment 2012, mitt romney has made another easy win in the washington state caucus. he scored a double digit victory on saturday. this is is for the campaign when from the road. this show of strength comes just days before the super tuesday. newt gingrich ran in a distant fourth. a marathon, not a sprint. we are doing well. we feel this raises narrowing just like it should. >> 419 delegates up for grabs in 10 states, more than one-third the total needed to secure the nomination. still ahead, more on the acc win for the lady terps. incredible video coming in, a busy year for this volcano in italy. >> a quiet day today with some clouds and some try to produce some precipitation, but the real storm is back in illinois an
the true conservative and likened mitt romney for being too much like prident obama. >> what we have to say is really important. alabama, which is the heart of the south, the conservative, rest part of this country that understands what made this country great. it becomes a two-person race. the conservatives will win that nomination. >> it is reported if newt gingrich loses, he may drop out of the race. critics are calling mitt romney a weak front runner but he is earning enough delegates to keep his rivals from clinching the nomination. you can track the delegates throughout the convention on you may have heard the news, but a solar storm is shaking the magnetic field. >> what scientists are saying about this rare event. >> over the next few days, you may see the effects of solar storms. that's not the only thing that will have you looking up in the coming weeks. >> the game could either and the terrapins season or rekindle hope. see if they can keep hope alive later in sports. >> bake temperature changes on the way. a cold front right on the doorstep. >> according to scientist
observers say the state to watch is ohio. >> for mitt romney, it is chance if he does well in a state like ohio to really wrap up this nomination. cracks and other crucial contest is tennessee. >> i would put that right next to ohio as one of the most important states. >> in virginia, only two out of four names appeared on the ballot. >> would it change your mind if newt gingrich and rick santorum had been on the ballot today? >> no. >> as for president obama during a press conference this afternoon, he was asked about super tuesday and what he would say to mitt romney. he said good luck tonight. >> we invite you to stay with us throughout the night for live coverage of the super tuesday results as they come in. brian williams will leave the team decision 2012 coverage starting at 10:00 p.m., followed by 11 news at 11:00 right here on wbal-tv. get an update sent to your phone from >> a volunteer firefighter had to be rescued after being hit by a tree limb. authorities say he and another member of the volunteer fire department were working to free a patient from an suv that had
for the candidates. , ithe eve of super tuesday was game on in ohio. mitt romney and rick santorum competing for boats -- four of votes in the buckeye battlegrounds. -- competing for votes in the buckeye battleground. >> there are new endorsements, including former first lady barbara bush. >> santorum is not, but not sorry. >> ultimately, it will come down to you, people of ohio. >> 8 poll shows santorum is slipping and romney in the lead, but it remains a dead heat. ohio is a critical swing state for republicans. >> it is a great microcosm of middle america and whoever wins that will have bribing rights. >> newt gingrich -- will have bragging rights. >> new gingrich is also looking for bragging rights in his home state of georgia. in the meantime, ron pollack still has not won a contest and needs a win -- ron paul still has not won a contest and needs a win. >> it is hard for him to go on as a credible contender if he has not won anything by the time super tuesday is over. >> he spent the last 24 hours campaigning in idaho. >> 11 news would like you to be part of our latest project, a 10:00
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. >> political analysts say a romney when in either state could seal the nomination. >> he says how he loves grits and can say y'all. that's up bet one -- if that's enough, he can appeal more to the republican base and has said so far. >> ron paul did not campaign in either state. he is hoping to pick up delegates in hawaii. >> our coverage continues online. in check out our updated candidates profiles and see videos from campaign stops. >> dry weather and mild temperatures around baltimore today. subtle changes starting to sneak in from the robust. these are most likely so light that the rain showers are probably drying up before they can get to the ground. in western maryland, a little more substantial. as the evening wears on, more of the showers we see out west will track east into baltimore. so far, zero precipitation expect a little rain overnight and during the day tomorrow. scattered activity and unseasonably mild weather continuing. almost 20 degrees warmer than normal for the 12th day of march. in the low sixties in east rutherford county. thaw columbia at 64 degrees. cooler in wes
is declared. >> one of my goals would be even if romney does end -- up as the comenominees [unintelligible] would drop the significantly. >> it will always be higher here if the tax passes. he plans three stops in maryland which has the seven delegates at stake. he says he knows a sure-fire way to get people to the polls. >> say two words, barack obama. any republican, independent, conservative who stays home is helping re-elect barack obama. >> he ended his tour with a stop for lunch at the famous chicken deli. >> i have not been following the race. but i think he was -- would be pretty much on top. >> it is exciting when national figure comes through. possibly to meet the next president is an honor. hopefully, good luck to him. >> the governor and lieutenant governor past gingrich in the hallway. the governor tweeted, rick santorum and newt gingrich are in maryland. >> ron paul is expected to be at the university of maryland, college park. the hopeful will hold a town hall style meeting at 7:00 p.m. the second day on the supreme court arguments on the law, part of which requires american
last week that mitt romney had a town hall meeting with residents here. all of that as in maryland they are beginning to vote in the state gop primary. early voting will be under way until next thursday across the state. if you want to cast your ballot, the hours on sunday change from noon until 6:00 p.m.. >> and now, the signature achievement of obama, health- care reform, is being challenged in the u.s. supreme court, where today it opened three days of oral arguments about the constitutionality of the health- care overhaul. sally kidd has details. >> the argument today focused on whether the high court can even hear this case until the law, especially the individual mandate specifically, it takes effect. >> what do we want? when do we want it? >> now. >> facing the ultimate test. >> we will hear arguments this morning in this case. >> the question before the justices on this day, whether the penalty for those who fail to buy health insurance constitutes a tax. one attorney argued that it does. >> congress provided that penalties are included in taxes for assessment purposes. >>
eyes are on ohio. >> we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> mitt romney rallied supporters on this saturday afternoon in dayton, ohio, and picked up the endorsement of ohio's largest newspaper, the plain dealer of cleveland. the latest polls show. santorum seems to have the momentum. >> we will keep working. we feel like the race is narrowing. >> newt gingrich has to win his home state of georgia. ron paul is more interested in adding to his delegate count. that is what super tuesday is all about -- delegates, 419 up for grabs in 10 states, more than one-third of the delegates needed to cinch the nomination. santorum is shrugging off news that a complete paperwork and ohio will cost at least nine delegates of that state. >>> taking a look at doppler, the heaviest of the rains that are associated with that system, which brought the severe weather out west, down south, virginia beach, portions of north carolina, a little bit of sprinkles in richmond. we have also seen some of snow to the north, near pittsburgh. this is all lake effect snow, does not have to
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